Dove Debuts Affordable Natural Haircare Line During COVID-19

These days, everything seems to be out of our hands, so it’s comforting to know that there are a few things we can control.

We may not run the world, but we certainly run our curls. And while social distancing is a must, we must not forget that self-care is too, and that it starts at the roots  – literally.

As a fellow woman of color, I know wash days can sometimes take up our entire day. Matter of fact, some of us equate wash day to an “arm day” at the gym, the way our triceps and biceps overwork themselves when detangling and distributing product.

However, Dove’s latest line makes the process a little easier, with the many essential oils infused into its Amplified Textures products. After all, the goal isn’t to tame our wild curls, but rather, embrace and maintain our beautiful natural texture.

Who runs the world? Curls!

Dove Amplified Textures products are available now, at Walmart & Target, starting at as little as $6. To place it into perspective, it’s less than the price of a Grande Caramel Frappachino with almond milk!

So show your hair some love, today!

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