Do Annoying Rich Frat Guys Get Better After Leaving College?

Ex-Frat Star, Chad Whiteman III, is all grown up and asking life’s tough questions like “Bro Have You Heard “Sicko Mode”?


Regardless of where you go to college, there are a few things you’re bound to encounter. Overly expensive textbooks, uncomfortable lecture hall seats, one classroom that’s always way too hot or way too cold, and that guy. You know, the guy who stretches his legs out into the aisle and says things like, “Jane Austen sounds like she just needed to get dicked down, haha, am I right boys?” The guy who wears quarter-zipper sweaters from his family’s country club. The guy who uses, “Yeah my dad’s the number one donor, so I basically own this place,” as a pickup line.

You know, that guy.

Thankfully, once you cross the stage, degree in hand, and shake hands with the dean you never have to see that pastel button down, khaki shorts wearing asshole again. But just because he’s gone from your mind doesn’t mean he’s actually gone.

So… where does he go? What’s he like? Does he have a job?

What happens to that guy after academic life ends???

Well, wonder no more — comedian Joey Thompson is here to give you a glimpse into the life of that douchey rich white bro after he leaves college.

Spoiler: he still fucking sucks.

You can find more of Joey Thompson’s hilarious work on his Facebook pages here and here, as well as his YouTube channel right here.


STARRING Joey Thompson

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