DJ D-Nice Admits He And Halle Berry Are ‘Flirting’ | Music

There is no VIP room in D-Nice’s ‘Club Quarantine,’ but plenty of A-listers have joined the Brooklyn DJ’s epic Instagram Live dance parties. Everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Michelle Obama has “stopped by” during his regular evening home sets — but D-Nice’s interactions with one club regular in particular is raising eyebrows.

Halle Berry is a frequent guest of Club Quarantine, often staying late into the night. The actress and DJ have noticeably have been “flirting” in the comments, to the point that fans even got #BerryNice trending:

D-Nice was questioned about the interactions during a sit down with People, and he didn’t deny what our eyes could see:

“No Zoom dates. I’m not that fortunate yet. Hopefully, one day but not now. We’re just having fun. Halle’s my friend and we are just having fun with it,” he began, before admitting, “It could be light flirting but nothing serious. We are just having fun with it.”

He continued, “And it’s kind of cool–First of all, the fact that #BerryNice was number four on Twitter—what kind of world are we living in? Berry Nice. I love it. But she’s a sweetheart.”

Is he blushing? Watch the video below and decide for yourself:

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