Disney lets dying Star Wars fan see The Rise of Skywalker early

The public often views Disney as a faceless multi-billion dollar conglomerate whose only conern is the almighty dollar. While the House of Mouse has certainly done things to earn that reputation, every once in awhile Disney does something to remind us that they still have a heart. Such is the case with a certain devoted Star Wars fan in the UK.

This past week a terminal cancer patient in England had one final request before shuffling off this mortal coil. Knowing he might not live to see the New Year, the man requested that he be allowed to see the concluding film in the Skywalker saga, THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, early. Disney CEO Bob Iger learned of the patient’s request (who preferred to remain nameless) and was able to arrange a private screening at Rowan’s Hospice along with a certain tall, hairy guest:


The patient, who was also able to watch the film with his son, expressed his thanks to Iger and Disney stating, “During what is just a horrible situation to be in, you have helped to make some wonderful memories and bring some joy to my family.”

Amidst the vitriol and snarky comments that worm their way into Star Wars fandom, it’s heartwarming to see stories like this. It’s a reminder to focus on the joy that Star Wars gives us. While for some Star Wars is a way of life, sometimes it’s just a two hour respite from something incredibly painful and tragic. It’s a reality check for those of us who sometimes take the franchise too seriously.

STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER hits theaters in less than three weeks on December 20.

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