David Corenswet is the frontrunner to replace Henry Cavill as Superman at WB

Just last week a ton of new DC movie related news made it’s way online. Amid the rumors of a J.J. Abrams directed GREEN LANTERN CORP movie and the promise of more character driven R-rated one shots, was the news that Warner Bros. was seeking a new Superman. CREED actor Michael B. Jordan was the name most talked about, however current Superman, Henry Cavill, insisted he hadn’t given up on the character.

Well if a new report is to be believed, neither Jordan or Cavill will be the ones donning the red and blue for Warner Bros. Instead it could be someone ten years Cavill’s junior and a virtual unknown to boot.

Reports are claiming that twenty-six year old actor David Corenswet has emerged as the frontrunner to play the Last Son of Krypton. If that name leaves you wondering, “Who in the name of Solomon Grundy is that?” you’re not alone. Aside from last year’s Amazon film AFFAIRS OF STATE – that I’m sure all of you saw – Corenswet is relatively new to the Hollywood scene.

Corsenswet definitely looks the part, with the requisite square-lined jaw, blue eyes, and crop of black hair. In point of fact he looks a lot like Henry Cavill. Casting an actor like Corenswet would be par for the course in terms of Superman casting. Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, and Henry Cavill weren’t exactly household names when they took on the role of the blue Boyscout. In addition, Corenswet has expressed an avid interest in the role claiming it’s his “pie-in-the-sky ambition” to play Superman.

Warner Bros. has expressed concerns on how to make Superman more relevant to modern audiences. If the end of JUSTICE LEAGUE is any indication, it seems as if the future of Superman is skewing towards more of a traditional bent. This would fall right in line with Corenswet’s wishes as he wants to see “an upbeat, throwback” version of Superman. Many fans would welcome a return to the traditional Superman as some audiences were turned off by Henry Cavill‘s morose and brooding portrayal.

One thing is for sure, if Corenswet lands the role he’s going to have to bulk up that slight frame of his quite a bit. However, with a new Superman film not expected until at least 2023, he’ll probably have plenty of time. Until then you can catch David Corenswet on Netflix’s The Politician as River Barkley and as Jack in next year’s series Hollywood, also on Netflix.

So what say you guys? Do you like the idea of casting a virtual unknown or would you prefer a more established actor? Would you rather have Cavill return? Sound off in the comments below!

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