Damon Lindelof says Watchmen may not come back for a second season

Watchmen, Damon Lindelof, Regina King

After all the naysaying, reluctancy and fear on behalf of some Watchmen fans, HBO’s adaptation of the classic comic book series has arrived to rave reviews, overwhelmingly positive word-of-mouth, and the call for another season of Damon Lindelof‘s twisted and timely tale of superheroes. Even now, as viewers refuse to stop tweeting about last night’s WATCHMEN finale, a question remains: Will we get another season of the show?

Well, according to showrunner/developer Damon Lindelof, he would “need to have a really cool idea and justification for doing it,” and that he “can’t say that there will definitely not be a second season and I can’t say there definitely will be.”

Recently while speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Lindelof revealed that when he brought his WATCHMEN idea to HBO, that his approach to the material resembles shows like TRUE DETECTIVE and FARGO, in that the original creator doesn’t necessarily need to be involved in order to continue the series. He also stated that, as of the moment, he has no idea if a second season will happen, nor does he have any ideas beyond the show’s recent, mind-blowing finale.

“I feel for someone who’s wildly inconsistent in general, I’ve been fairly consistent on this point,” Lindelof says. “When we first went public with the pilot at New York Comic-Con, I wanted to make sure that everybody who was going along for the ride knew what the design of the season was. Especially after what happened with Lost, and the way that a lot of serialized dramas unfolded, where the audience doesn’t know how thick the book is when they pick it up. This is a love letter and an examination of the original Watchmen… I wanted everyone to know this is not the middle of the trilogy, this is not the beginning of a seven-season run. In my opinion, the best iteration of any season of Watchmen would mirror the original [graphic novel] in that it would be a self-contained story with the resolution of a fundamental mystery. There’s always going to be space for more Watchmen. I feel like this world is so expansive — hopefully more expansive now than it was before. You could call something Watchmen and not even feature any of the characters who were in the original or in this season as long as they all occupy the same world.”

Lindelof also made a point of mentioning that writers of his WATCHMEN series have already “gone on to other projects,” but that if he has an idea for another season down the line, that he could easily call them up and say “Hey, we’re putting the gang back together for another heist.”

Damon Lindelof‘s Watchmen series isn’t a remake of the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel of the same name, but rather a continuation which takes place three decades later. For the show, viewers are transported to an alternate history where “superheroes” are treated like pariahs, and sections of law enforcement officials have chosen to wear masks in an effort to conceal their identities from felons. Standing at the epicenter of evil are a bigoted group of villains known as Rorschachs, who belive that the time has come to burn law and order to the ground in order to make way for a new and sinister status quo.

Starring in HBO’s WATCHMEN are Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Don Johnson, Don Johnson, Fraces Fisher, Adelaide Clemens, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Andrew Howard, Jacob Ming-Trent, Sara Vickers, Louis Gosset Jr. and Tim Blake Nelson, among others.

HBO’s WATCHMEN is now available for purchase, digitally. If you’ve yet to experience this intense show, I highly recommend that you add it to your Must-Watch list, and place it firmly at the top while you’re at it.

Watchmen, Damon Lindelof, Regina King

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