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DaBaby is defending himself after footage of an altercation he had with a hotel employee in Los Angeles emerged online on Saturday (Jan. 18).

TMZ posted the minute-long video of security footage obtained from a Beverly Hills hotel wherein the hotel employee in question can be seen entering the hotel’s lobby as DaBaby and two associates follow closely behind. The North Carolina MC then grabbed the worker and shoved him against the wall, causing the unidentified worker to fall into a nearby chair. 

The two then appear to exchange words before Baby and the two men he was with exit the lobby doors. According to TMZ’s reporting, the incident allegedly occurred after the employee requested a photo of DaBaby, which the rapper refused. DaBaby reportedly stayed at the hotel on December 19 following a performance in the city.

Shortly after the video circulated, DaBaby took to social media to explain his side of the story. The 28-year-old detailed the circumstances leading up to the incident that was caught on camera in a six-part post published to his Instagram and Instagram Stories on Sunday (Jan. 19). According to DaBaby, the altercation escalated after the hotel employee recorded a video of the “BOP” rapper against his wishes.

“That hotel worker you see me ‘pushing’ came up to me outside the hotel and asked could he record a video of me while I was holding my two-year-old daughter,” he wrote in the caption. “I calmly and respectfully said no and explained to him that him posting a video of me at the time would compromise the safety of me and my child by letting social media know where we were staying.” 

In spite of DaBaby asking him politely not to record them, as he iterates, the hotel worker recorded a video of the rapper and his daughter from afar for Snapchat, which DaBaby saw. That’s when DaBaby confronted the individual.

“I then handed my daughter to her uncle and walked over to him as he was writing his caption on the video of me and my child not knowing that I saw him record and that I was over his shoulder watching him type the caption,” the Instagram post continues. “I told him to delete the video immediately and to take his b**ch a** back in the hotel and do his job since he wasn’t capable of being professional enough to abide by the company policy while doing his job outside of the hotel.” 

DaBaby concluded the Instagram post with a message for TMZ and the Beverly Hills AC Hotel where he urged the outlet against their attempts to assassinate his character and publish incomplete stories. Baby also wrote that his lawyers will be contacting the hotel sometime soon over the alleged incident and asked that they release all of the surveillance footage that will reveal the actions of the hotel employee that resulted in the exchange — not just DaBaby’s reaction to the worker’s behavior.

Read DaBaby’s entire explanation below.

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