D.C. Police Say There’s ‘No Proof’ Proud Boys Were Stabbed By BLM Activists | National

The Washington, D.C. Police Department has retracted its initial claim that members of the local Black Lives Matter movement were involved in a stabbing incident against a member of the white supremacist group The Proud Boys.

Originally, 2D Watch Commander Lt. Neal told ABC7 “that the stabbing victims were members of the Proud Boys group, and that the suspects were part of a Black Lives Matter group.” The incident reportedly happened on election night at 2:25 a.m. 

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On the morning of November 5, police said they couldn’t confirm the account  from the Proud Boys, according to WUSA9. Additionally, WJLA said there was “no proof” to the victims’ allegations.

Black Lives Matter DC released a statement, saying the D.C. police “released statements implicating us in an act of violence that furthers their attempts to discredit our political power, in a sustained campaign of copaganda.”

BLM DC also asked for “an independent, fair, and impartial investigation into last night’s violence triggered by white supremacist groups.”

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