Cynthia Bailey Vows To Not Wear White In Her Search For An Untraditional Wedding Dress

While the couple may have plenty of time before they walk down the aisle in 2020, that isn’t keeping the Real Housewives of Atlanta star from sharing details of the big day. 

According to Page Six, Cynthia probably won’t be wearing white when she says, “I do.”

“I’m not a traditional mom. I’m not a traditional girlfriend. I’m not a traditional anything. And I most definitely will not be a traditional bride,” she said. “I think when I see the dress I’ll know — kind of how it was with Mike.”

Honestly, we would not be surprised if the 52-year-old chooses to not wear white on her wedding day. In 2010, she married her first husband, Peter Thomas, in a stunning silver dress.

In case you haven’t noticed, Cynthia has definitely been transparent about her excitement to marry the Fox Sports 1 journalist. So much so, she wore a white wedding gown to Kenya Moore’s doll-themed party on the first episode this season, calling herself, “Thirsty Bride Barbie.”

“I know I’m like the thirsty bride … but when it comes to Mike Hill, I’m not only thirsty, I’m very parched, and he’s also very thirsty for me as well,” the supermodel vet concluded. 

We’re excited for the couple, who will officially wed October 10, 2020.

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