Cupid Trailer Turns Valentine’s Day Into a Heart-Piercing Bloodbath

Cupid is doing what he does best and shooting straight for the heart in the new trailer for the upcoming slasher movie Cupid. Set to release on Valentine’s Day digitally and on disc, Cupid comes from writer and director Scott Jeffrey with a cast including Georgina Jane, Bao Tieu, Michael Owusu, Abi Casson Thompson, and Sarah T. Cohen. Jeffrey and Rebecca Matthews (Pet Graveyard) produced the project. You can check out the trailer below!

Cupid purports to tell the “horrifying true story” of the offspring of Venus and Mars, suggesting there’s a dark side to the mythical god best known for uniting young lovers with the powers of affection. The character has often been depicted in fiction as a winged entity with a bow, shooting invisible arrows into the hearts of unsuspecting people to make them fall in love. In the new movie, Cupid is a winged creature with a bow and arrow as is normally the case in the legend as it’s typically told, but this sinister Cupid uses his arrows much more violently.

According to the official synopsis, Cupid begins with high school outcast Faye, a practicing witch who summons Cupid to take revenge against the mean girls who’ve been bullying her. The dark magic works and Cupid rises on Valentine’s Day to embark on a killing spree against Faye’s classmates, leaving it up to the students to “figure out a way to stop Cupid and undo the spell before their hearts get broken… very literally.” As seen in the trailer, we’ll get a good look at the god of love in the movie, which even includes a shot of him flying in the sky. Naturally, the bow and arrows will be coming to play a lot in the movie as well.

A small handful of horror movies set on Valentine’s Day have been released in the past, though there haven’t been many. Perhaps the most revered is the classic 1981 slasher flick My Bloody Valentine, which featured a masked maniac murdering young lovers in a mine on the holiday. The movie was remade in 2009, which has become a bit of a cult classic of its own. The 2001 horror Valentine is another memorable genre movie set on Valentine’s Day, following a group of teenagers getting stalked by a killer wearing a Cupid mask. Of course, what’s unique about Cupid in comparison to these movies is that it features the actual Cupid himself as the movie’s killer.

Cupid will be available on DVD and digital outlets on Feb. 14, 2020. For the horror couples out there, checking out a new Valentine’s Day-set slasher movie could be a fun way to help celebrate the occasion. Those of us vying to see more slasher movies in today’s market, especially these kinds of movies with such interesting killers, may be able to find some enjoyment in it as well. In any case, it looks to be a fun horror movie worth checking out. The Cupid trailer shown above comes to us from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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