Creepy new New Mutants trailer scares its way online

It’s been so long since THE NEW MUTANTS wrapped production that star Maisie Williams (who plays Wolfsbane) is just about to cash her first social security check. Ok that may be a bit hyperbolic but to put things into perspective, the first trailer for THE NEW MUTANTS dropped in October…of 2017.  Principal photography on director Josh Boone‘s film had ended just a month prior. That’s approximately a month after the seventh season of Game of Thrones ended. Since then the film’s faced reshoots, date shuffling, and an acquisition by the House of Mouse. Fans began to wonder if the film would eventually just go to a streaming service or never see the light of day at all.

Thankfully for audiences we’ve finally got a new trailer that just dropped this morning. Now while there was some speculation that Disney would try to “Marvelize” Boone’s work I’m not seeing that here.  Boone’s core horror elements are front and center. I really hope we aren’t being sold a bill of goods here and that Boone’s THE NEW MUTANTS ends up being what’s represented in the trailer. After all this is a film about kids with extraordinary powers locked inside a mental hospital. The creep factor couldn’t be any higher in this trailer if Larry Drake‘s Doctor Giggles made an appearance.

Honestly, this film has my money already just because of the circumstances surrounding it. After all the shenanigans, I’m intrigued to see what the finished product is. Will the reshoots significantly affect the storyline? Will THE NEW MUTANTS come off as a Frankenstein mess ala JUSTICE LEAGUE? If so will a #ReleaseTheBooneCut social media movement immediately follow? I guess we’ll know for sure in a few months.

THE NEW MUTANTS starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, and Alice Braga escapes into theaters April 3, 2020.

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