Connecticut Man Charged With Threatening To Kill Black People Over College Student Murder | Sports

A Connecticut man took to the web to threaten to kill Black people in Harlem in retaliation for the murder of white Barnard College freshman Tessa Majors.

Trevor Spring, 31, of Stonington was charged Friday (December 20) with second-degree threatening, according to Connecticut State Police.

Spring has reportedly confessed to posting the threat on Reddit under the name Soup_For_Breakfast.

“I do believe that’s Black kids murdered her though,” Spring’s Reddit post read, according to a court affidavit filed by state police. “That’s the real story. Why don’t you pay attention to that. A Black kid 13/14 year old stabbed a white gurl to death for nothing.”

He continued, “Time to exterminate the real problem. Now he was freed by family/lawyer and let loose in HARLEM! I’m going to search for him myself tonight. Armed and ready to fire. Then the parents are next.”

The NYPD’s Ethnically Motivated Extremism Unit discovered the threat after receiving a tip from Crime Stoppers.

While admitting to the threat, Spring claims “he has no guns, or access to guns, and is not going to harm anyone or drive to New York City,” police say.

Spring was released on $5,000 bond Friday and is due back in New London Superior Court on January 3.

Tessa Majors was stabbed and killed on December 11 in Morningside Park. A 13-year-old has been charged in her death while two other teens may also face charges.

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