Colin Kaepernick’s Attorney Says Two NFL Teams Are Interested In Signing Him After Workout | Sports

Colin Kaepernick held his much-hyped workout for NFL teams last Saturday (November 16), and while the event garnered plenty of press attention — and controversy — it’s been unclear whether it would do much to get him back on the field in a league uniform.

Turns out, according to his attorney Mark Geragos, there are two teams interested in the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback. 

Appearing on The Adam Carolla Podcast, Geragos revealed that two clubs are wanting to potentially sign Kaep, but the lawyer would not divulge their names. He did however, give some pretty good hints.

“One who is legitimately in need of a quarterback who had a very poor showing on Sunday and has got an owner that I don’t think gives a s**t,” Geragos said, adding that the other team is run by an owner who does actually care, but whose team needs help at the QB position.

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The Carolina Panthers come to mind as they’ve provided employment to safety Eric Reid, a close friend and supporter of Kaepernick’s who also protested during the national anthem and sued the NFL for collusion. Their quarterback, Kyle Allen, threw four interceptions last Sunday, and the team is uncertain whether mainstay Cam Newton will retain a starting job with the team when he returns from injury. 

The second team could be one of many. The Dolphins, Bengals, Steelers, Titans, Chargers, Redskins, Bears and Lions all either have subpar quarterback play or are looking to move off of veterans largely considered past their prime (Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Roethlesberger and Los Angeles Charges’ Phillip Rivers come to mind).

It’s still unclear exactly serious any ball club is in signing Colin Kaepernick, but thanks to Kaep’s decision to make his workout public, fans know he has remained in top form since playing his last season in 2016.

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