Chris Pratt goes full geologist in Tomorrow War set video

Although he’s a world famous moviestar, Chris Pratt (JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM) always comes across as incredibly down to Earth. He’s the lovable goof who never seems to take anything too seriously, including himself. If you require any more evidence of this fact, you need look no further than Pratt’s latest on set video for THE TOMORROW WAR. The sci-fi actioner is currently filming in Iceland and in this Instagram post Pratt offers some geological observations that more than likely aren’t accurate:




If you’re consistently hanging out in subzero temperatures it probably behooves you to keep a sense of humor. Based on their ruddy complexions I’m pretty sure both Pratt and J.K. Simmons (also in the video) desperately wish the cave did lead to Modesto, California. Personally, I wouldn’t go anywhere near that cave. I’m 99.9% certain there’s a Wampa in there and I’m not braving that cavern without Luke, Mace Windu, and Yoda’s lightsabers.

Iceland has become the go to spot for a bevy of productions over the last fifteen years. HBO’s Game of Thrones filmed there during the course of the entire series run. Additionally, films like BATMAN BEGINS, INTERSTELLAR, and STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS were also filmed there. There is something viscerally majestic about the landscape, which even Pratt admits to in the video despite the corny joke.

I have to say, it’s good to see Chris Pratt involved in a project that’s not animated, in the MCU, or involving genetically cloned dinosaurs. Aside from this year’s THE KID, you have to go back to 2016’s PASSENGERS to find a Pratt movie that’s not one of those three things.

THE TOMORROW WAR (previously titled GHOST DRAFT) centers around, “the fate of a futuristic war which rests upon one man’s abilities to confront the ghosts of his past. Humanity is losing to an alien invasion, so to fight back, scientists develop a way to draft soldiers from the past to fight the war.” Pratt will also executive produce the film, a first for him.

In addition to Pratt, director Chris McKay‘s movie stars J.K. Simmons, Betty Gilpin, Yvonne Strahovski, and Sam Richardson. THE TOMORROW WAR will climb its way out of the ice cave Christmas Day 2020.

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