Chicago Teen Fatally Shot While Teaching Her Mom A TikTok Dance

A Chicago teen was killed over Father’s Day weekend by a stray bullet while teaching her mom a TikTok dance in their home. 

Amaria Jones, 13, was fatally shot when a bullet from outside her apartment pierced through her television and hit her in the neck, according to CBS Chicago

“She was showing me this dance called TikTok,” Amaria’s mother Lawanda Jones, told the news outlet. “I turned around and I was looking for her and she was on the ground reaching out like this, holding her neck.”

On Saturday (June 20) an unknown gunman fired two shots outside of the 13-year-old’s apartment also striking two teenage boys who recovered from their injuries.

GoodKids MadCity, a non-profit organization in the city for Black and Brown young people that are united in fighting to end violence in Chicago, expressed their condolences and anger in a tweet to Mayor Lori Lightfoot following Amaria’s death. 

The teen’s death marks one of the 15 fatal shootings and 104 victims of gun violence in Chicago over the weekend this year, which also has taken the life of 3-year-old Mekhi James and three other teenagers, according to Chicago Sun-Times.

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