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I’ve been a huge fan of art since I was a teenager collecting McFarlane comic books in my parents garage. I used to love picking up my weekly comics every Tuesday, running home and going through those pages like a man on coke. Years later, I founded in that very same garage and now here we are, over 20 years later and art is still a huge part of my life as I continue to collect cool shit, like the awesome collectibles from Sideshow these days, as well as cool art pieces that I love to spread around my humble abode. It’s also one of the reasons we run a weekly “Awesome Art we Found Around the Net” column every Saturday afternoon. I love that stuff! Most recently, I ran across this piece at my friend’s house and had to find out who the artist was behind it. The piece is called “Do Astro Boys Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Sean Danconia of

Any major movie geek will appreciate the numerous artistic “call-outs” in that one painting, but if you check out his entire website, you will find tons of similarly spaced out, original, gonzo amalgamations of anime, movies, cyberpunk, comic books and everything else in our pop culture universe that has made its way through Danconia’s mind over the past couple of decades. Sean has also designed higher profile works which you might have seen already (Disney, New Balance, Hello Kitty, Bob Marley, WB, Marilyn Monroe) and even contributed a sweet piece to Los Angeles’ Guillermo Del Toro: In Service of Monsters Art Tribute Show a couple of years ago, which you can see below. This piece is called “Mako Mori: Pacific Dreams” and like many of Danconia’s creations, features a fantasy painting in which several worlds meld into one magical conclusion.

I personally connected to a lot of his works (I purchased a couple myself, of course) but as we all know, art is almost entirely subjective, so it’s probably best if we allow the art to speak for itself below. That said, since my first connection with Danconia, we have spoken a few times and it turns out he knows his movies as much as….dare I say….me??! Seriously though, the guy knows his shit and I think that love comes through his art. 

“From Dusk Till Bond”

But enough talk, check out his work and if you dig it, feel free to use our special JOBLO coupon code (that code itself is: JOBLO) to receive 15% off any of his works (except the stuff that’s already on sale, of course). I hope you guys dig his art as much as I did and if you know of any other awesome artists that you think we should feature on our site, please drop us a note!

“People Call me Bond-San”

“Kiss of the Spider-Woman”

“Nintendo: Leave Luck to Heaven”

“Astro Boy (Tezuka Robotics)”

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