Cheating On Tests Is Way Harder Than You Think

There are some pretty brazen cheating techniques out there

Whether we’re talking about tutors who perform the academic work for dozens of athletes; enterprising students who take out the guts of their TI84 calculator and swap it for the more powerful TI89; the truly classic paper-writing translation technique where you take an already well-written paper and then translate it from English to German, German to French, French to Spanish, then Spanish back to English; or learning Morse code to share answers with your friends, there are practically as many ways to cheat as there are terrible yearbook photos across time.

So what is one little ol’ coach to do when her team might fail an important exam?

Coach Von Pidgeon (Chelcie Lynn) has some ideas, and all of them are definitely (not) going to work. Stuck in the classroom with Vice Principal Tucker (Renny Cromwell), Coach Von Pidgeon must figure out the impossible and keep her team from an academic suspension. Her will is strong, her passion undeniable — but her subtlety could use some work.

Coach Von Pidgeon follows the outrageous stunts that high school basketball coach Meredith Von Pidgeon (Chelcie Lynn) attempts in her efforts to transform her ragtag bunch reluctant high school students into something more than an embarrassment on the court. Bumping up against the team’s attitudes, personal dramas, and her boss Vice Principal Tucker’s (Renny Cromwell) buttoned-up policies, Coach Von Pidgeon doubles down in the worst ways at the worst times to attain true basketball glory.


Directed By
Stephanie Little

Written By
Stephanie Little
Sam Haft
Stephanie Streisand
Dwayne Colbert

James Risolo

Executive Producer
Stephanie Little

Executive Producer
Sam Haft

Executive Producer
Chris Michael

Executive Producer
David Saint

Chelcie Lynn as Coach Von Pidgeon
Renny Cromwell as Vice Principal Tucker
Kyra-Michelle Jacobs as Jenna
Pallavi Gunalan as Lisa
Nys Trejo as Tess
Bronwyn Kilcrease as Rochelle
Caroline Stella as Kelsey
Bayley Ellenburg as Marcy

Director of Photography
Sean Conte

Production Designer
Elaine Carey

Edited by
Kat Parlardy
Kati Skelton

Patrick Stone

Costume Designer
Emily Ting

Casting Director
Riley Hamilton

Collin Lapinsky

Assistant Editor
Jeremiah Durian-Williams

Color Correction by
Jeremiah Durian-Williams

Post-Production Sound Mixing
Collin Lapinsky

Sound Mixer
Ryan Agostino

Boom Operator
Michael Alaynick

1st Assistant Director
Bryan Lake

2nd Assistant Director
Richard Dalton

Script Supervisor
Michael Hadge

Production Coordinator
Ronnie Deszie

Production Assistant
Charlie Thomas

Production Assistant
Andrew Johnson

Production Assistant
Carlynn De Joya

HMU Supervisor
Michelle Diaz

HMU Assistant
Roxy McDanel

Wardrobe Assistant
Sam Muglia

Set Decorator / Propmaker
Shannon Pollak

Set Dresser / Shopper
Sarah Lew

Set Dresser / Swing
Theo Cohn

Set Dresser / Swing
Brendan Sheley

Set Dresser / Swing
Nick “Spooky” Logie

B/Cam Operator
Austin Puckett

1st Assistant Camera
Tevin Teixeira

Set Dresser / Swing
Zach Miller

2nd Assistant Camera
Stevie Murrell

Samantha Villegas

Anthony Stivale

Key Grip
Philip Collins

BB Electric
Callum Barrass

BB Grip
Sean McQueen

Nick Herman

SVP, Physical Production
Jim Ziegler

Mgr. Physical Production
Carly Reeve

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