Chadwick Boseman, Sienna Miller, Taylor Kitsch and More talk 21 Bridges!

The new crime thriller 21 BRIDGES may not be a superhero film, but there are a few obvious connections. Firstly, it features BLACK PANTHER star Chadwick Boseman – who also has a producing credit. In addition, it’s also produced by the gentlemen that brought you CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, as well as AVENGERS: CIVIL WAR, INFINITY WAR and ENDGAME, Anthony and Joe Russo. Aside from that, this is a real world action flick revolving around a couple of criminals, played by Taylor Kitsch and Stephan James, who happen to have killed a few police officers. However, nothing is as it seems, as NYPD Detective Andre Davis (Boseman) must track them down before they can leave Manhattan. The film also stars J.K. Simmons and Sienna Miller, and it’s hitting theatres this weekend.

We recently sat down with the film’s director, Brian Kirk, as well as some of the cast members, including Boseman, Miller, Kitsch and James. For Kirk, he discussed how he approached the content, and how heavily both Joe and Anthony were involved in the project. The director also talked about his own influences when taking on this particular story. There is a heavy Seventies vibe in this gritty crime tale, and that was something that the filmmakers were looking for. It was a terrific conversation, and Mr. Kirk was clearly excited to bring a bit of 70’s crime drama feel to a modern audience.

As for the film’s stars, I was especially excited to speak with BLACK PANTHER himself. However, the conversation was even more plesant because he was paired with the lovely and talented Sienna Miller – make sure you check out her performance in this year’s AMERICAN WOMAN. The two were a real treat to chat with as they talked about the new thriller. For Boseman, the actor discussed stepping out of the Marvel world and taking on a more grounded action story. As for Miller, the actress opened up about taking on a character like this, and playing a mom who is constantly plagued with the dangers that she faces everyday going after criminals.

And speaking of criminals, you couldn’t pick a better on-screen duo than Taylor Kitsch and Stephan James if you want a couple of intriguing baddies. The two incredibly talented actors get to play a couple of baddies, but these aren’t necessarily your typical villain roles. The two opened up about being a part of this kind of story, and they also connected with the 70’s vibe that the filmmaker was going for. It was terrific getting the chance to talk classics like TAXI DRIVER with these fellas. And if you want to see them in action, make sure you check out 21 BRIDGES, opening this weekend at a theatre near you.

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