Cardi B Makes Extremely Generous Donation To NYC Hospital Staff

Coronavirus is bringing out the generosity in many people, especially celebrities who are doing their part to show their gratitude to those on the front lines of fighting the pandemic.

The latest to offer her support — and a generous gift — to first responders is Cardi B. The Bronx-born femcee announced that she plans to ship 20,000 bottles of the vegan meal replacement drink OWYN to New York City hospital staff in order to keep them nourished during their crushingly long shifts, TMZ reports.

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Cardi spent some time in the emergency room herself this week, though not for coronavirus-related issues. She was treated for intense stomach pains earlier this week and is now recovering at home.

As for the drinks she’s sending to hospital staff, Cardi is a a fan of them herself. She posted her own selection of the healthy shakes on her Instagram stories last month:

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