Cancer Weekly Horoscope


Even the most die-hard “boundary hound” of a Cancer may struggle to keep the walls up starting this Monday, November 25. For this you can thank love planet Venus who is embarking on a tour through Capricorn and your seventh house of relationships until December 20. Here’s another push to get your profile up on a couple dating apps or add an exclusivity clause to a relationship that’s languishing in the grey zone. Venus here will soften your defensive edge, making your requests for partnership even more compelling. And since Venus rules not only romance, but the arts, this cycle may launch an inspired creative collaboration. Could your bedmate also be your bandmate? Stranger things have happened! Coupled Cancers will be even more inspired to co-create over the coming few weeks. If you’re not the artsy types, maybe you’ll co-host a seasonal soiree for your blended families. Have you lost those loving feelings? Venus will help you gracefully make your exit, opening up space for a more fulfilling union to emerge.

The indulgent holiday season is probably not the ideal time to launch a health kick, but just try telling that to the Sagittarius new moon that’s firing up your sixth house of wellbeing on Tuesday. There’s nothing wrong with dangerous curves, Crab, but the sugar crashes and food comas you could certainly do without. Earmark a few holiday treats that you refuse to skip, but make a deal with yourself that you’ll keep a respectable ratio between green juices and eggnog lattes. Embrace the autumnal deliciousness of roasted root vegetables and hearty legume-based soups. That will make it easier to save that shingle from the gingerbread house for dessert instead of stress eating the whole siding as your main course. On that note, this new moon will motivate you back into motion. Roll off the couch and download a Class Pass. You might even find an end-of-year deal at that studio that would be out of your price range otherwise. It never hurts to look! Or become a regular on a dance floor, whether at a nightclub or cardio class. This new moon could also spell a fresh start on the work front. Are you in the market for a different job? Don’t keep that a secret, Cancer. Get the word out—as discreetly as necessary. Let holiday parties double as networking events by chatting up the right people and making a solid impression.

This Wednesday, dreamy Neptune awakens from the five-month retrograde it began on June 21. That backtrack took place in Pisces and your ninth house of travel, expansion and higher knowledge. Maybe you lost sight of your true north or were test-driving a philosophy or spiritual practice that wasn’t a perfect fit. It’s okay to let it go and rediscover your own inner wisdom. After Wednesday, you’ll be able to radar in on what YOU believe. If in the process of your metaphysical stretching you overstepped your bounds or stepped on someone’s toes, ask their forgiveness and do your best to make amends. In some cases, that might mean just giving the other person a bit of space. Plans to travel or launch an entrepreneurial venture may have gotten derailed during this phase, but after Wednesday, start pricing out airfares or tweaking your business plan once again. Got an idea for a book or blog? Since the ninth house also rules publishing, this forward thrust of creative Neptune could help you spin the lessons of your struggles into a page-turning memoir.

Two will be your magic number this turkey day, whether you’re holding hands under the table or slipping off for a #NotMyHoliday dinner date in an act of solidarity. As the Capricorn moon links up with Venus, Saturn and Pluto in your seventh house of justice and partnerships, you’ll only have eyes (or ears) for one sweet soul. Ideally, this is someone who isn’t afraid to challenge you—in a way that expands your world view but also respects your right to hold a different opinion. Find (or create) a magic moment where the two of you can get some alone time…to catch up, trade secrets or get to know each other a lot better. With this cosmic quartet teamed up for Black Friday, you could snag a 2-for-1 deal and split the price with your BFF or bae. Just don’t wait too long to Venmo the buyer back or collect that IOU.

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