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Relationships first! There are a million tasks to keep you busy as holiday season arrives. With the Sagittarius Sun heating up your sixth house of work and wellness through December, your to-do list is only getting longer—no matter how many of items you tick off. But with a cosmic confab in Capricorn and your seventh house of partnerships (including Jupiter’s arrival and a solar eclipse!), your mission is clear: Make the people in your life the banner headline instead of burying the lead!

The main event occurs when Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth, swings into your opposite sign of Capricorn on December 2 for more than a year, staying until December 19, 2020. Coming up: massive growth in your closest ties, both romantic and business. This could be the year that you get married, meet a life partner or amicably part ways with someone you’ve been with for a long time. For solid couples, you may switch roles—for example, the steady breadwinner quits their day job to pursue a passion and the other one assumes the high-earner helm.

Jupiter takes about 12 years to complete a trip through the zodiac and return to each sign (it was last here from December 19, 2007, to January 5, 2009). In Capricorn, Jupiter is said to be in “fall,” or its least comfortable position. It makes sense: Jupiter rules expansion and abundance while cautious Capricorn sets up boundaries and limits. But once they settle their fundamental differences, these two forces can work well together, helping us take calculated risks and aim our ambitious arrows at lofty yet achievable targets.

Dynamic duos are super-hot for the next 12 months, so get ready to field some interesting offers. You could be handed a job opportunity that requires travel or teaching (both Jupiter’s domain), or you may partner up with someone long-distance. The seventh house rules agents, and creative Crabs could sign with representation to take your art, music or brilliance into the wider world. Maybe you’ll become the rep for a talented superstar who needs a vocal champion. Whichever side of the agreement you’re on, you’ll go farther together! Jupiter is the galactic gambler, so there are no guarantees here. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

On December 15, this new Jupiter cycle gets an electrifying jolt as the red-spotted planet swings into a potent trine with pioneering Uranus, which is in Taurus and your eleventh house of group activity. Synergy with a friend could move quickly, and before you know it, you’re making out under the mistletoe or launching a business venture together. Coupled Crabs: Feeling a bit too cozy in that bubble-for-two? You may decide to relax the rules and regulations on a relationship, giving yourself room to explore other connections or even an open arrangement. Note: This Jupiter-Uranus meetup is a rare and short-term transit, so don’t be too quick to change the rules of engagement since you could have a quick change of mind and heart.

That could already happen on December 12, when the year’s only Gemini full moon beams into your twelfth house of endings and release. A chapter of your life could come to a point of transition. Is it time to dive into the depths…or let something go? This energy has been building up for the past six months. If you’ve been unsure of whether to stick around or move on, you’ll get a big push in one direction now. Just don’t try force an outcome, Cancer. A tense square between the full moon and hazy Neptune in your ninth house of excess could make it hard to make a smart choice. You can see the pros AND cons of every scenario. When in doubt, sleep on it! With this full moon activating your subconscious, your dreams could be prophetic, even offering up helpful clues that firm up your decision.

On December 21, Capricorn season begins as the Sun enters your partnership zone for a month—and all that dynamic-duo energy REALLY kicks in! This energy will be in play throughout the holiday season with a cluster of Capricorn planets making you and your favorite plus-one Instagram-official, whether in personal or business affairs. Moving into 2020 as a solo act is SO not where it’s at for you.

Not looking for a partner? The stars could serve one up anyhow. On December 26, the decade’s final (solar) eclipse arrives with the Capricorn new moon. This one is an annular eclipse, also known as the “ring of fire” for the flaming outline of the Sun that appears behind the moon’s passing shadow. In the coming six months, all of your closest relationships will be revolutionized. This is part of a longer cycle of eclipses that have fallen on the Cancer/Capricorn axis since July 2018 and are helping you sort out who YOU are as an individual and how your needs dovetail with those of your most important people. Around this date, you could meet someone who truly vibes with the person you’ve become!

This eclipse appears shortly after Christmas Day (or at the end of it, depending on your time zone) and will be activated by the presence of the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn AND Pluto in Capricorn. On December 27, el Sol and Jupiter make their annual meetup—considered the luckiest day of the year by some astrologers for the confident and auspicious energy that both these heavenly bodies generate. It’s a beautiful moment to really LISTEN to the people you love the most, to be generous and give them the benefit of the doubt—and to tell them just how much they’re cherished. Hallmark moments? Bring ‘em on, caring Crab. Wearing your sentimental heart on your sleeve today will only strengthen your bonds.

New Year’s Eve continues the Capricorn-heavy lineup with the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto congregating in Sea Goat Central. Don’t feel obligated to stay close to home! With the moon and enchanting Neptune in Pisces, your global ninth house is aglow, enticing you to leave city limits or at least do something beyond your usual routine. An adventure-for-two awaits, so ring in the New Year with your favorite companions, romantic or otherwise!


This could be THE best month for amour in 2019, with both love planets dancing through your romantic and commitment chart sectors. Vixen Venus is making her annual tour de Capricorn and your dynamic-duos realm until December 20, and passionate Mars is sailing through sizzling Scorpio and your flirtatious, fun-loving fifth house all month. Put ‘em together and that basically quadruples your odds of feeling flirty, magnetic and just plain fabulous!

Venus in this merger-minded sector can bring officializing vibes to a simmering or mostly solid partnership (and if things have gotten really serious, don’t rule out a holiday-themed proposal). Single Crabs could meet people with long-term potential at a party. Just BYO mistletoe because under those sprigs, you’ll be the zodiac’s most wanted!

Mars only revs through Scorpio every other year, but when it does, you can FEEL its lusty, compelling energy, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised when you turn heads and attract attention wherever you go this month. Make the most of these hot-and-heavy highbeams between now and January 3, but watch for “overheated” reactions since tempers can flare and drama can escalate. Unattached? This festive season compels you to glam up, work the room and treat every event like a networking opportunity.

On December 20, Venus takes an even deeper dive when she plunges into Aquarius and your intimate, erotic eighth house. You’ll want to spend more time off the radar with your S.O. and wrap the year on a sexy high note. Some couples may decide to go all in by moving in together or merging assets. Your privacy needs could be challenged by Mars’ desire for the spotlight. But when you find your sweet spot, you may never leave it!

Key Dates:
December 11: Venus-Saturn meetup

Once a year, the amorous planet and future-oriented Saturn hook up, and this year, the mating happens in Capricorn and your seventh house of committed partnerships. You’ll be more focused on long-term potential than “fun in the moment.” Wobbly relationships can hit a roadblock, singles could meet their match by refusing to “settle,” and couples might decide to make it official (holiday engagement, anyone?).


Time for action! This month, you’ll end a long cycle of analyzing, weighing and measuring—and finally arrive at some decisive next steps. Since November 8, 2018, expansive Jupiter has been in Sagittarius and your sixth house of administrative work and organization. The past year has been all about figuring out the puzzle of your life and getting the pieces into place. Perhaps you had a transitional bridge job, or work felt uninspired—more about the mundane to-do list than the big, juicy vision.

On December 2, Jupiter will exit Sagittarius and move into Capricorn, bringing its inspirational touch to your seventh house of partnerships until December 19, 2020. For the next year, team up with people whose skills and superpowers complement yours. Together you can go far! Not sure who that somebody will be? No worries! The December 26 Capricorn solar eclipse could set a relationship in motion that turns out to be surprisingly synergistic. That person might be a member of your friend group or on the periphery of your social circle. Perhaps they’re a contact you’ve been nurturing online. On December 15, when Jupiter forms a fortuitous trine (120-degree angle) to innovative Uranus, you could have an unexpected meeting of the minds that paves the way for just this.

Do keep a starring role in any production, however—at least for now. With Mars blazing through Scorpio and your fifth house of fame and self-expression until January 3, you’re the zodiac’s Beyonce. Glam up, post a shameless number of selfies while tooting your own horn in the caption. Even though you don’t want to come off as boastful, why not serve up the swagger in service of inspiring others? Don’t be too shy to celebrate your hard-won victories. And when you do take to social media, remember: Everyone loves a good story.

Key Dates:
December 8: Sun-Neptune square

Dream big, but know your limits. You could be setting yourself up for an epic fail if you overextend, which can easily happen with distorting Neptune in the picture. So before you volunteer for too much work or offer to help someone with a freelance project, think twice—maybe even three times!

Love Days: 22, 26
Money Days: 6, 15
Luck Days: 13, 4
Off Days: 11, 24, 29

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