Browns’ Myles Garrett Surprises His Great-Great Grandmother On Her 100th Birthday

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett was in Dallas over the weekend to attend his great-great grandmother’s 100th birthday party. 

His attendance was a surprise for Miss Minnie Bell Sanders, according to TMZ

Garrett has a lot of free time on his hands, as he is currently suspended for the helmet swinging incident in a game against the Cleveland Browns in November. 

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Sanders was very happy to see her great-great grandson, according to the report. 

The party featured all of Sanders’ favorite foods, including: catfish, mashed potatoes, cake and cupcakes!

Garrett also stopped to sign autographs and pose with various people in the senior facility where Sanders resides. 

Since the altercation, Steelers’ quarterback Mason Rudolph Garrett has maintained that Rudolph directed a racial slur at him, and that prompted the mele.

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Rudolph and his attorney denied that happened. The NFL, through its own investigation, concluded that there was “no evidence” of Rudolph using a racial slur. 

Teammates have come out in support of Garrett, who will remain suspended for the rest of the current season. 

It is unknown if, or for how long, the suspension will carry over into next season.

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