Botham Jean And Atatiana Jefferson’s Attorney Is Representing The Families Of Three Black Fathers Killed By Police This Week | National

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt has represented countless families of victims of police violence, from Botham Jean to Atatiana Jefferson. Sadly, he had to add three more clients to his roster this week. The attorney revealed on Twitter that he has been hired by the families of three Black men who were killed by police this week. Besides being victims of police violence, another thing the three men had in common is that they were all fathers.

Merritt wrote on Twitter, “I’ve been hired by 3 black fathers murdered by police this week. #CameronLamb (Kansas City, MO 12/2); #MichaelDean (Temple, TX 12/3); #DemetriusWilliams (Marshall, TX 12/5).”

He also added, “The U.S. policing culture of brutality & incarceration is a GENOCIDE. This is a human rights struggle.”

The details of the three murders are horrific.

Cameron Lamb, 26, was shot in his car by police in Kansas City, Missouri on Dec. 2. The car was in his own backyard. Police have offered very few details but the family believes it was a case of mistaken identity, according to Fox 4.

Michael Dean was 28 years old. He was shot in the back of the head by police in Temple, Texas on Dec. 3 during a traffic stop. Police have offered very few details about the shooting but his family maintains he was unarmed and they are demanding the unidentified officer be fired, Temple Daily Telegram reports. 

Demetrius Williams, 31, was fatally shot on Dec. 5 in Marshall, Texas. KLTV reports, “He was shot while SWAT agents were serving a narcotics search warrant at a Marshall residence.” The family is demanding answers and, as of now, police have released very few details. Deputies and police involved in the incident were placed on the ever popular “administrative leave.”

Hopefully Merritt is able to help the families of these young men get answers, and justice.

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