Black Widow featurette highlights Natasha’s multi-layered, lethal legacy

Hot on the heels of Marvel’s new BLACK WIDOW trailer, the studio has unleashed a behind-the-character featurette that highlights Natasha Romanoff’s journey along the MCU timeline. In the video, Scarlett Johansson, BLACK WIDOW director Cate Shortland, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige explain that the upcoming film will present Natasha in ways that fans have never seen before.

“Very few actors can say that they’ve worked on a character for ten years and then suddenly have this chance to delve deep into the inner-workings of this person,” Johansson says in the video, while referencing the building of Natasha’s legacy ever since her first appearance in Jon Favreau‘s IRON MAN 2 (2010).

“There’s one movie that people have been asking us to make for a very long time, moreso than any other film – the Black Widow movie,” says Feige about finally making the movie that fans of the character have been clamoring for.

“I’m just excited to see the real Black Widow. She’s not a classic hero, because she has a dark past. You get to see all these facets of her that we’ve never, ever seen before” says Shortland, whose job it is to deliver Marvel’s second female-fronted solo film, after 2019’s CAPTAIN MARVEL, starring Brie Larson.

Helmed by Cate Shortland, the events of BLACK WIDOW take place between the films CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. As tge trailers suggest, the film will find Natasha as well as members of her extended family racing against the clock to stop a new crop of Widows from taking their lethal tactics from the Red Room to the streets of major cities across the globe. Scarlett Johansson will of course reprise her long-running role as Marvel’s resourceful and red-ledgered superspy for the upcoming film, while also being joined by some newcomers to the MCU as well, including Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, David Harbour as Alexei Shastakov / Red Guardian, and Rachel Weisz as Melina Vostokoff, among others.

After wanting the movie for nearly a decade, Marvel’s BLACK WIDOW will finally arrive in theaters on May 1, 2020.

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