Black Lives Matter Activists Are Protesting Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign Events Around The Country

Pete Buttigieg is still struggling to resonate with Black voters, and the Black Lives Matter moment is making sure he knows why.

During Tuesday’s Democratic debate in Iowa, Buttigieg made the case that “the Black voters who know me best are supporting me.” 

However, a recent Washington Post-Ipsos national poll showed the former South Bend, Ind., mayor stands at just “2 percent among Democratic Black voters nationally.”

Furthermore, The Post’s polling director, Scott Clement, tweeted during the debate that Buttigieg “receives only 3 percent support among Black voters who are familiar with him.”

Ahead of the debate, Buttigieg appeared at a town hall forum in Iowa where several Black Lives Matter activists from South Bend interrupted his speech to lay out concerns about how his policies as mayor had failed communities of color there, the Washington Times reports.

The group had traveled from Los Angeles where they protested Buttigieg’s campaign stop over the weekend and then followed him to Iowa, the Washington Times reports.

“To me, Mayor Pete is the equivalent of Trump,” BLM activist Kat Redding told The Washington Times on Monday (Jan. 13). “I feel like Trump is very aggressive with his racism, and I think Mayor Pete is very passive with his racism.”

Redding also told The Washington Times that if the presidential race boils down to Trump vs. Buttigieg, “I would not vote. They are just two of the same people.”

The Washington Times reports, South Bend Councilwoman Sharon McBride, who is Black, countered that “the opinions of South Bend Black Lives Matter are not necessarily representative of the Black community in South Bend, many of whom are supportive of Pete and believe that our city has gotten better under his leadership.”

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