Black America Votes: Live Updates From The 2020 Republican National Convention

GOP Convention Heads To The Finish Line With Trump Nomination Acceptance Speech

5:00 p.m. ET/2:00 p.m. PT: The Republican National Convention moves into its final night in which President Trump will formally accept the party’s nomination to run for four more years in the White House.

That follows Wednesday night in which the GOP put several African Americans in the spotlight to defend Trump’s record, and telling audiences why they feel the president is the right choice for voters.

“During the Trump administration, business ownership among Blacks, Hispanics, and females have reached all-time highs,” said Burgess Owens who is a candidate for a congressional seat in Utah and is a former NFL star. “Those same groups enjoyed record low unemployment and unprecedented prosperity… and we’re just getting started.”

To end the night, Vice President Mike Pence gave his acceptance speech for the party’s nomination to continue his job. He said that the Trump administration has been supportive of the African American community, while saying Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden would not offer the same benefits.

“The American people know we don’t have to choose between supporting law enforcement and standing with African American neighbors to improve the quality of life in our cities and towns. From the first days of this administration, we have done both. And we will keep doing both for four more years in the White House,” said Pence.

“Joe Biden says America is systemically racist,” he continued, “and that law enforcement in America has a, quote, “implicit bias” against minorities. And when asked whether he’d support cutting funding to law enforcement, and he replied, ‘Yes, absolutely.’ Joe Biden would double down on the very policies that are leading to unsafe streets and violence in America’s cities. The hard truth is… you won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

BET’s 2020 Republican National Convention Coverage

Day 4:

Thursday, August 27, 2020: Follow BET’s coverage with our live blog for the latest updates from the Republican National Convention. We’ll feature news about the event, speeches, performances and commentary from August 24 to 27. 

Each night, the convention will include speeches from Party leaders, real people and members of the Trump family. On the final evening of the convention tonight, it’s the speech we have all been waiting for, hearing from President Donald Trump as he delivers his address from the White House lawn in Washington, D.C.

Also on the roster are United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), White House Deputy Assistant Ja’Ron Smith, Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump, and criminal justice reform advocate and former federal prisoner Alice Johnson. will have all the news updates that matter to Black America so stay tuned each day and watch from the CBS News: Race To 2020 live feed above from at 9-11 p.m. ET each night.

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