Bella Hadid Got Bangs in Quarantine—and Cut Them Herself

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It took just a couple weeks in quarantine, but Bella Hadid committed to having bangs. The model cut her own whispy bangs this week and shared the results on her Instagram Story yesterday. While Hadid has worn clip-on bangs in a variety of styles—side-swept, blunt, baby bangs, etc.—this is the first time she has had permanent bangs in years.

“I cut my bangs,” she wrote in the first video debuting the style. She also did a poll to see whether other people would trust her with a pair of scissors.

bella hadid showing off her new bangs


bella hadid showing off her new bangs


Hadid first sparked rumors she changed her hair when she posted a video on TikTok of herself with gray hair alongside her friend. The gray hair was just a very good filter, apparently.

Hadid has primarily played with her hair color in the last year. She went from brown to blonde in the spring and summer of 2019. In August, her hair was blonder than her sister Gigi’s. But by September 2019, just in time for Fashion Week, she went back to having her signature brown hair.

Hadid is a natural blonde, like her sister. Hadid spoke to Glamour in 2016 about her decision to go brunette and how it wasn’t because of Gigi. “I didn’t really dye my hair to separate myself from Gigi,” she explained. “I started dyeing my hair when I was 14. I dyed it black and blue, I wore eyeliner—I was a punk kid. I might want to go blonde eventually!”

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