Barack And Michelle Obama ‘Not Advising’ Meghan Markle And Prince Harry | National

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s announcement that they would no longer be carrying on their royal duties and re-locate has the world was stunned.

Many wondered how the famed couple could come to such a decision and sources close to Barack and Michelle Obama reported they offered advice, or had even been in contact with, Harry and Meghan recently.

Now, another source is hitting back, claiming that any scenario close to that is completely false. “The rumors of them having anything to do with this are totally false. The former president and first lady are not advising the couple and have not been in contact with them,” a source close to the Obamas said, according to PEOPLE, when asked whether they have been in touch with the royal couple’s recent, controversial decision. 

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The Obamas reportedly spent Christmas in Hawaii and stayed there on a family holiday. They previously spent December traveling throughout Asia as part of their Obama Foundation work on education and leadership training.

Another Obama source, according to PEOPLE, reacted to the rumors describing them as having, “No truth to” them.

What we do know is Barack and Michelle worked with Prince Harry on their shared interest in helping wounded military veterans. Prior to that, Harry met with Michelle on a number of occasions, including the Invictus Games in Orlando, Florida.

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