Baby Yoda saves the Avengers in Endgame parody

A month ago if you asked the average Star Wars fan what the cutest creature from the Disney version of Star Wars was, more often than not you’d get porgs for an answer. That was until Baby Yoda arrived and said “hold my blue milk.” Since appearing in Disney+’s flagship show The Mandalorian, the little green ball of cuteness has taken the Internet by storm with various memes, Gifs, and now merchandise. As cute as Baby Yoda is, did you ever wonder how well that cuteness might impact, say, a fight against Thanos? Don’t worry, the Internet has you covered. YouTuber stryder HD decided to insert Baby Yoda into the final battle in AVENGERS: ENDGAME and the results were as awesome as you might expect:

I honestly don’t know what’s funnier, Sam Wilson/Falcon’s “On your left” dialogue being replaced with Baby Yoda coos, or the little green guy busting out a miniature lightsaber at the end of the video. Man even his angry face is cute! Baby Yoda 2020! Regardless, if the Avengers had had Baby Yoda with them from the beginning, Thanos would have been a pile of hacked purple limbs in no time. Sure of it I am.

Both The Mandalorian and AVENGERS: ENDGAME are currently streaming on Disney+.

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