Baby Yoda merchandise will be available for purchase after all

So unless you are assiduously avoiding all social media and the Internet in general, you’ve probably heard about Baby Yoda by now. The adorable miniature green guy is a central plot point to Disney+’s flagship show The Mandalorian. While Baby Yoda is not in fact Yoda or a baby (technically he’s fifty years old) that hasn’t stopped Star Wars fandom from almost universally embracing him. Merchandising has been a staple of STAR WARS since A NEW HOPE debuted in 1977. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, fans were unable to find nary a plushee anywhere. Jon Favreau recently explained why, citing a desire to keep the surprises of The Mandalorian secret.

That’s all about to change.

Pawn your beskar metal and prepare to dole out those Republic credits as Boda (Baby + Yoda) merchandise is about to drop out of hyperspeed and land at your local retailer. Since the proverbial Baby Yoda is now out of the Stormtrooper helmet, there’s nothing stopping Disney from raking in that cold hard cash. As such Boda merch will be available for purchase as early as today from Amazon, Zazzle, Target, and a myriad of other places. That’s right. You’ll now be able to purchase the aforementioned plushees as well as T-shirts, miniatures, posters, and coffee mugs just in time for the holidays. Your paycheck, spend you must. Emmmmm.

The Mandalorian starring Pedro Pascal, Werner Herzog, Gina Carano, and Robert Redford as Baby Yoda (not really) is currently streaming on Disney+.

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