Azriel Clary, One Of R. Kelly’s Girlfriends, Moves Out Of His Trump Tower Condo | Music

One of R. Kelly’s longtime live-in girlfriends has reportedly moved out of his Chicago Trump Tower condominiums amidst his ongoing federal and state legal battles.

According to TMZ, sources close to Azriel Clary tell the website she got her own place in the Windy City and is no longer living with Joycelyn Savage. She allegedly wants to distance herself from the singer, Joycelyn’s fake Patreon page and focus on her own life.

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TMZ says Azriel still supports Kelly but the drama surrounding him was too much for her. Currently, she’s reportedly focused on her singing career and plans to document her daily life via social media.

Back in July, Azriel’s father Angelo told TMZ he would do anything to get his daughter out of Kelly’s apartment, including paying for her to move into her own living space. This could perhaps be a step in reuniting her with her family.

Clary’s move comes just days after R. Kelly was indicted for bribing an Illinois official to create a fake identification for him so he could marry Aaliyah in 1994. According to the Chicago Tribune, the falsified paperwork stated the singer was 18, the required age to marry without parental consent in the state of Illinois.

Aaliyah’s family allegedly had their marriage annulled.

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