Aries Weekly Horoscope


Married to the job? End-of-year goals will enchant AND consume you beginning this Monday, November 25 as vibrant Venus takes her annual power tour through Capricorn. With the cosmic creatrix activating your career zone until December 20, finessing your professional status will become a huge obsession. Fortunately, Venus makes “goal-digging” a pleasurable process; and it doesn’t hurt that all the holiday parties make for fun and easy networking. So wait a little longer with those fuzzy slippers. Instead, don ye now your sparkly apparel and show up at the after-work events and seasonal soirees, ready to give your 30-second elevator pitch to any hot career prospect you magnetize near the open bar. Single Aries might even meet a hot prospect through a work function—just make sure you aren’t tipping back too many of those passed cocktails. Business and pleasure CAN mix as well as gin and tonic…or as badly as wine and tequila. If you’re in a relationship, don’t rule out the idea of teaming up together on a business project over the next few weeks. Venus in Capricorn is all about goals and long-term planning. Discussions about the future can be enlivening now. You’ll feel like the loftiest dreams are possible, so give them a go.

Need another nudge to expand your horizons? Tuesday’s new moon in Sagittarius powers up your globetrotting ninth house, widening your search parameters by a hefty margin. Your trailblazing sign is a natural risk-taker, but even you have your limits. Under the supportive vibes of this new moon, explore where your boundaries lie—and then push yourself to stretch beyond them. You cherish your independence, Aries, and this lunar lift will be cathartic. If you can jet off for a vacation that lets you skip out on agonizing family dynamics, by all means go. But if that would cause even MORE drama, scratch the itch by researching deals and getaways for early 2020. Some Rams may experience their emancipation from a restrictive scenario. Summon the courage that is your birthright and free yourself from a person or situation that’s clipping your wings. Got a brilliant idea for an entrepreneurial venture? Dip a toe in those waters now. Better yet, dive in headfirst. If you’re already in business for yourself, target a new territory or find another way to expand your services. What do people request most? That would be a great thing to add to the menu. Whatever seeds you plant now, you can look forward to harvesting their fruit around the corresponding full moon (a potent lunar eclipse!), on June 5, 2020.

After five months of freefalling through an Alice in Wonderland-style parallel universe, your personal operating system gets a reboot on Wednesday. What WAS that anyway? THAT was a seemingly endless retrograde of fantasy-loving Neptune in your dreamy twelfth house. And while this hard-to-navigate phase may have wakened your creativity, it’s also shaken up certain elements of your personal life. Under this transit, you weren’t always sure whether you were coming or going. And forget about setting up firm boundaries! But come Wednesday, as Neptune resumes forward motion, your antennas are back in working order, and you’ll spot a wolf in sheep’s clothing a mile away. This is a great opportunity to reconnect to some of your most important values. With Neptune back on-course on its long, slow cruise through your subconscious zone, you can hone your intuition, tap into deep pools of innovation and heal old wounds. Is there someone you need to forgive? Or move on from? You can burn some serious karma now.

You’ll be in an exceptionally traditional mood this Thursday as the moon syncs up with Venus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. And whether “tradition” means crashing in a turkey-fueled tryptophan food coma or boycotting with karaoke and dim sum, it’s fully your narrative to write. But what all Rams WILL desire is the company of the people who have had your back all year. Spending time with family (chosen or biological) could get you a little choked up—and you may find yourself so awash in gratitude that you make a gallant offer of support to someone you love. But watch out, Ram! While your intentions are pure, do you really have time to give THAT much? Don’t let your mouth write a check that your busy lifestyle won’t allow you to cash. This Capricorn cluster lingers on through Black Friday, so save your pennies for a classic investment piece instead of scooping up a million doorbuster tchotchkes.

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