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Arielle Loren, CEO of 100K Incubator

Arielle Loren is a successful business strategist and funding expert for women. As the founder and CEO of 100K Incubator, the first business-funding mobile app designed exclusively for women, she’s worked tirelessly to put capital into the hands of those who often face the most obstacles.

Her groundbreaking app helps women get better educated on their funding options and connects both established businesswomen and aspiring entrepreneurs with potential investors.

After receiving her master’s in management at Harvard, Loren decided to merge her business and consulting expertise to show women entrepreneurs not only how to get money, but what to do with it once they are funded

“We found that there are a lot of entrepreneurs who just don’t set their businesses up right from the beginning,” Loren revealed in an interview with BET. “The truth of the matter is, if you set it up right from the beginning, it becomes a lot easier to get access to the funding, and to be able to scale [up] later.”

Loren, 30, also believes that women are especially equipped to excel as entrepreneurs. “Women are a lot more detail oriented, and we’re less risk averse.” 

With the 100K Incubator platform, Loren is committed to educating women on the many ways they can grow their businesses and excel.

“As someone who has been working with women pretty much the majority of my career, I knew that the financial industry and the funding industry just wasn’t speaking to us in the right way. So I really wanted 100K Incubator to be that bridge that really broke down all of these different funding options available to women. That’s really why the app was created and why we do the work that we do.”

100K Incubator is available on both the Apple and Google Play stores.

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