Anya Taylor-Joy says director happy with final cut of The New Mutants

THE NEW MUTANTS will finally see the late of day in April after a series of delays that have spanned more than two years. The wait actually feels longer because I can remember seeing the first trailer back in 2017, thus beginning a long and winding road to the big screen as Fox’s final X-MEN film almost seemed like it was doomed to remain on the shelf. Actress Anya Taylor-Joy, who co-stars in the film as Magik, was recently promoting Autumn de Wilde’s Jane Austen adaptation EMMA and she revealed that the final cut of the film is complete and that director Josh Boone is very happy with it.

Via, Collider Video, Taylor-Joy confirmed that the final cut of THE NEW MUTANTS is officially completed and she has seen the final result of a film that she’s just happy to prove her and and her co-stars, actually took part in:

“I have seen the final cut of the movie, which is really nice cause Josh Boone is really happy with it, and it was just nice to get the gang all together again…It felt like this imaginary friend that you keep telling people is real, but other people haven’t seen it yet. Now I’m like ‘I told you! It’s a real thing.”

I can’t blame Tayloy-Joy for feeling like people may think the film is just a figment of her imagination. It almost felt like a morbid game waching THE NEW MUTANTS struggle to get its moment on the big screen. Orginaly scheduled to open in Spring 2018, THE NEW MUTANTS was delayed by Fox so that reshoots could be completed  that, reportedly, would bring the film closer to Boone’s NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET-inspired vision. THE NEW MUTANTS was promoted from that start as a comic book film that was tinged with a bit of horror, a bit of a rarity for the recent boom of comic book films. Matters were further complicated by Disney’s subsequent purchase of Fox’s movie and TV IPs which led to the film being pushed so far back that the reshoots were ultimately canceled with the movie ultimately landing on its current release date

Back in December, Boone confirmed that Disney would be releasing his original version of the film which is more in line with his vision for the project. In some ways, the delays have creared a bit a pre-release buzz because moviegoers are just wanting to see how it all turned out on its long road to make it to this point. The newest trailer for the film seemed to be generally well-received and while there are no box office guarantees, at least Disney is putting a marketing push into it and not just dumping the film to ultimately be forgotten.

Are YOU excited to finally see THE NEW MUTANTS? The film, which also stars Maisie Williams, Alice Braga, Charlie Heaton, Blu Hunt & Henry Zaga, FINALLY hits screens on April 3, 2020.

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