Aniah Blanchard’s Remains Positively Identified

The remains authorities found in Alabama on Monday (Nov. 25) have been positively identified as Aniah Blanchard.

On Wednesday (Nov. 27), authorities confirmed the remains belong to the 19-year-old college student, who was last seen on Oct. 23, CNN reports

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Now, the case is a homicide investigation and upgraded charges are expected after authorities get cause and manner of death confirmed from the medical examiner, Auburn Police Chief Paul Register and Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes told reporters, CNN reports.

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Three suspects — Ibraheem Yazeed, 30, Antwain Shamar Fisher, 35, and David Johnson Jr., 63 — have been arrested in connection with Blanchard’s disappearance. 

On a Nov. 14 episode of Dr. Phil, Aniah’s stepfather, UFC heavyweight Walt Harris, and her mother, Angela Harris, said they believed her kidnapping “was something that was set up and it was planned.” 

“I have feelings that there may be somebody that she knows that has set her up,” Aniah’s mother said. “I have something that we can’t really discuss, but there’s … a lady that they’re working on to try and figure that part out.” 

A gag order was implemented shortly after Yazeed’s arrest, so authorities have not released further information about the case. 

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Two days after the college student was last seen at a convenience store in Auburn on Oct. 23, her vehicle, a black 2017 Honda CRV, was located in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Montgomery 50 miles away. 

On Oct. 31, examiners of the vehicle determined Aniah was “harmed and is considered to be a victim of foul play.” 

Blood evidence was found inside Blanchard’s abandoned vehicle and, according to the affidavit in the case, “was indicative of someone suffering a life-threatening injury.”

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