Amazon responds to the trailer for The Boys Season 2 leaking online

You know what? I had thought that something was a little off when a trailer for THE BOYS Season 2 had made its way online yesterday. Typically when trailers leak, major outlets look the other way and wait for an official release. However, damn-near everyone jumped on THE BOYS Season 2 trailer bandwagon once it had gone live, and I was under the asumption that we’d been given the “all clear.” As it turns out, the trailer wasn’t supposed to debut online until today, and now Amazon has posted a cheeky response to the premature reveal.

On Friday afternoon, the official Twitter account for THE BOYS shared a GIF of Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Billy Butcher’s (Karl Urban) electronic store introduction with Hughie saying “Cool…Cool, Cool”.  Posted alongside the GIF was a caption that read “When the f**kin’ season two teaser for #TheBoysTV leaks a day early …”

Thankfully, fans responded to the teaser for Amazon’s vile, violent, and very entertaining superhero show with overwhelming positivity, definitively proving that people are psyched for the show’s triumphant return next year. Moreover, I want to commend Amazon for being cool about the leak. No one likes it when the launch for a product is revealed prematurely, and had the teaser not spread like wildfire so quickly, perhaps the flames could have been doused before too much damage was done.

THE BOYS takes place in an America where the planet’s superheroes have been morally corrupted by their celebrity status and often take advantage of their powers in reckless displays of behavior which threaten the safety of the world. Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) runs a group of vigilantes known as The Boys, who do what they can to keep watch over the superheroes, and, if need be, eliminate them.

Rejoining Quaid and Urban for the show’s sophomore season are Laz Alonso, Antony Starr, Karen Fukuhara, Tomer Capon, Chace Crawford, Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligott, and Jessie T. Usher. With regard to those who’ve yet to be introduced, Aya Cash will arrive on the scene as Stormfront, while Claudia Doumit will play congressman Victoria Neuman, with Goran Visnjic starring as the secretive church leader Alistair Adana, and of course, Patton Oswalt, as a character whose identity has yet to be revealed.

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