All your Baby Yoda needs will be met by these Mandalorian toys from Hasbro

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Ever since Jon Favreau‘s THE MANDALORIAN touched down on Disney+, Star Wars fans have become obsessed with a little bundle of joy that many across the galaxy have lovingly dubbed Baby Yoda. The adorable, soup-sipping tyke was first introduced to Pedro Pascal‘s Mando as a target meant for capture and study by nefarious villains looking to harness the child’s burgeoning Force-related abilities. Then, like any bounty hunter worth their salt, Mando said “F**k the Client,” and proceeded to go rogue while hoping to protect his new, pint-sized companion.

While everyone who’s been tuning in for THE MANDALORIAN has enjoyed the show’s Lone Wolf and Cub-like esthetic, the question of when fans can expect to own a Baby Yoda of their very own remains.

Thankfully, we now know when Baby Yoda toys will hit the shelves. The sad part? It won’t be in time for Christmas.

According to Hasbro, a new line of The Child figures will be available in May 2020. The toy company said in a new report on Thursday that the line will include a 1.12-inch Black Series figure retailing for $9.99, a talking plush toy retailing for $24.99, a series of 2.2-inch collectible figures retailing for $7.99 and a 6.5-inch figure retailing for $19.99.

You can check out a preview of Hasbro’s THE MANDALORIAN figures yet to come below:

Recently, Disney CEO Bob Iger told Time that time moment he laid eyes on Baby Yoda, that he knew the character would resonate with fans in a big way. And boy oh boy has Baby Yoda ever become a part of the pop culture zeitgeist in recent weeks! This little dude is everywhere! For real. Open your Twitter or Facebook feed right now, and scroll for just a few moments. I guarantee that you’ll find any number of Baby Yoda memes, each of them glorious in their own right.


While many of us will have to wait until May of next year to get our hands on Baby Yoda figures of our very own, many talented individuals across the globe have been busy creating their own versions of the character, be it a cuddly plushie or knitted figurine. It’s quite amazing, really, the lengths that some people will travel to make sure that Baby Yoda remains in their home long after the last episode of season one of THE MANDALORIAN airs early next year. To these people I say good on you! Also … can you make me one too? I have credits that are currently burning a hole in my pocket and I’m more than willing to fork them over. Just throw me an email and we’ll talk. Cheers!

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