‘Agony’: Alexis Crawford Murder Suspect Barron Brantley Described Her Last Moments And Says Jordyn Jones Killed Her

One day after Jordyn Jones appeared in court for allegedly murdering her college roommate, Alexis Crawford, the victim’s other accused killer, Barron Brantley, appeared before a judge.

Detective Michael Young of the Atlanta Police Department took the stand during the 21-year-old man’s preliminary hearing on Friday (Nov. 22) and provided details of Crawford’s murder, according to Brantley’s statements to police after he was taken into custody, CNN reports

Young testified that Brantley told authorities that while he was choking Crawford “she was struggling to breathe and had the sound of agony,” and his girlfriend, Jones, then put a plastic bag over the victim’s face, CNN reports. 

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On Oct. 26, days before Crawford was killed, Brantley allegedly raped her. His DNA was found after Crawford was examined

The alleged rape put a strain on Crawford’s relationship with Jones. But on the evening of Oct. 30, Jones agreed to take Crawford on a late-night run to the liquor store

That night, Crawford found Jones was secretly letting Brantley stay in her bedroom and they got into a physical altercation in their apartment, Detective Young testified, CNN reports.

During their fight, Brantley got involved and began choking Crawford, and Jones eventually put a black trash bag over her face, allegedly suffocating the 21-year-old Clark Atlanta University student in the early morning hours of Oct. 31, Young said, CNN reports. 

The couple then placed Crawford’s body in a plastic bin and cleaned blood from the living room, Young said, CNN reports. 

Brantley and Jones dumped Crawford’s body at Exchange Park in Dekalb County. 

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Jones reportedly asked a friend, Ayanna Williams, to replace the bin. Williams reported this to the police and provided them with screenshots of her text conversation with Jones, Atlanta Black Star reports

After dumping the body, Jones and Brantley returned to the apartment and went to sleep, Young said. Later that evening, they attended a Halloween party, Young testified, CNN reports. 

Upon searching the apartment, investigators sprayed luminol and found blood in at least six different places in the living room, Young said, according to CNN. 

After Crawford’s family reported her missing on Nov. 1, Jones told police after the night she took the victim to the liquor store on Oct. 30, she woke up the next morning on Oct. 31 and Crawford wasn’t in their apartment. 

Young said surveillance video from the apartment complex’s parking garage showed Jones and Brantley leaving around 3 a.m. on Oct. 31, WSB-TV Atlanta reports

They were seen pulling Jones’ car up to a door that leads to the apartment she shared with Crawford, which Young believes is when the couple loaded the victim’s body into the car, CNN reports.

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On Nov. 8, investigators confronted Jones with the information about the surveillance footage and she broke down and told police about the killing, WSB-TV reports.

“Then she finally stated that Barron Brantley was inside the house with her,” Young testified, according to WSB-TV. “Her and Alexis got into a fight and during that fight, Barron Brantley came outside of [the] bedroom and choked Alexis.” 

Jones admitted she dumped Crawford’s body in a park with the help of Brantley and then led investigators to the body. Her father, who is also in law enforcement in another state, accompanied Jones and police to the scene, Young said, WSB-TV reports. 

Young testified that Brantley told police Jones killed Crawford when she grabbed a plastic bag, put it over the victim’s face, and she eventually stopped breathing, WSB-TV reports. 

“He said she was struggling to breathe, and she had sounds of agony,” Young said, according to WSB-TV.

“While they were concealing the body, it fell out of the plastic bin,” Young said, according to Atlanta Black Star. 

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The judge denied bond for Brantley and found probable cause for him to be sent to Superior Court where he will face charges including, malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault with strangulation, and one count of concealing the death of another, CBS 46 reports.

On Thursday (Nov. 21), Fulton County Superior Court Judge Rachel Krause denied bond for Jones, who she deemed a flight risk and described her alleged contact with Crawford’s family as “the ultimate intimidation of witnesses.” 

After Crawford filed the sexual assault report, Jones allegedly contacted the victim’s family and said no DNA was found, although Brantley’s DNA was in fact found after Crawford was examined. 

“On her own volition the defendant Ms. Jones called family members of Ms. Crawford and told them that there was no DNA found in the rape kit,” the prosecutor said Thursday (Nov. 21). 

No rape charges have been filed in the case.  

Jones waived her rights to a preliminary hearing on Friday (Nov. 22). Her next appearance is scheduled for Feb. 10, 2020, Atlanta Black Star reports.  

According to CNN, Brantley’s next court appearance is scheduled for January 10, 2020.

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