A tricky tryst makes for a messy union in Holly Slept Over trailer

While most people prefer to engage in monogamous relationships, there are countless others who find that polyamory is far more exploratory and exciting. In the new film HOLLY SLEPT OVER, one couple is about to discover that three isn’t always a crowd, and that the flickering flame of past desires can once again be set ablaze when the right fuel is added to a smoldering fire.

Today we’re pleased to bring you an exclusive trailer for HOLLY SLEPT OVER, a brand new comedy directed and written by Joshua Friedlander (SUICIDE BLONDE, STAGE KISS). The film stars a brilliant cast who’re set to embark on an eye-opening journey into matters of the heart (and of flesh), including Britt Lower (MAN SEEKING WOMAN, CASUAL), Josh Lawson (BOMBSHELL, TV’s SUPERSTORE), Nathalie Emmanuel (TV’s GAME OF THRONES, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise), and Ron Livingston (OFFICE SPACE, TV’s MILLION LITTLE THINGS).

Holly Slept Over, Comedy, Nathalie Emmanuel

Here’s the official synopsis:

When Audra (Britt Lower) confesses to her husband Noel (Josh Lawson) that she once had sex with Holly (Nathalie Emmanuel), her college roommate, their lives take an exciting and unexpected turn. Holly’s surprise visit and undeniable charm enliven both Noel and Audra, sparking new insight into their relationship. A door opens for the three of them to experience something they never could have anticipated.

The film is set to release digitally today, March 3, 2020 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Holly Slept Over, Comedy, Nathalie Emmanuel

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